At the previous Kong Off, as I watched as an outsider, I realized the usual high score contest was getting stale. Spectators stared at the back of their DK heroes' heads for most of the day, many even hoping their games would end just to be able to speak with them and maybe pose for a picture or two. Steve Wiebe also felt it, and even proposed a solution. Here is the new contest structure which is sure to provide a nail-biting ending.

July 30th, Thursday

Meet and Greet

July 31st, Friday

Day one of high score battle, starting at noon and ending at 10pm.

August 1st, Saturday

Day two of high score battle, starting at noon and ending at 10pm.

August 2nd, Sunday

Single-elimination head-to-head bracket starting at 10am and ending with the last man standing. The top 16 scores will determine who plays who. Players will go head-to-head on one credit with no restarts. The first round will consist of 8 simultaneous battles (1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, etc). Winners advance by single elimination. The second round will be 4 simultaneous battles, 3rd round 2, and then the final match. The 2nd place finisher of the bracket event takes home $500, and the winner will take home $4000 and the belt.

The Wildcard Division

Eric Tessler and John Salter are once again organizing the wildcard division. Wildcard players are being chosen based on performance in 2014's Donkey Kong Online Open tournaments, six events which served as qualifiers for Kong Off 4. There will be a few machines specifically dedicated for walk-up players like previous events.