Limited Edition Marquee

Kong Off 4 marquees printed professionally by Rich from This Old Game. Like other years, only 117 will be made and numbered with a gold label (plus 22 extras, taken from the actual arcade cabinets used by the players). Please pre-order through PayPal. My PayPal address is richie at richieknucklez dot com. $60 if you are going to pick it up at the event, or $60 + $20 shipping/handling if you want them mailed to your home. Outside the US please email me and inquire. Requests for certain numbers will be honored to the best of my abilities. Honoring signatures might be a huge headache, but I'll try to do that as well. I'm a glutton for beatdowns. I will attempt to get them all signed just like Kong Off 1. First come, first serve on number choices. In addition to the order, please send me an extra email with your mailing address as well as what number you would like, and sigs or no sigs. If we have any marquees left, they will be $80 the day of the event. Order now to ensure you get one!

Limited Edition Kong Off 4 T-Shirt

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