Kong Off 4 is by far the most stacked Kong Off ever. Never before has the playing field been as strong as it is today.

Robbie Lakeman

28 Years Old, From Phoenix, AZ.
Arcade: 1,158,400
Current Arcade WR Holder

Hank Chien

From New York City.
Arcade: 1,138,600
Kong Off 1 Champion
Former Arcade WR Holder

Billy Mitchell

49 Years Old, From Hollywood, FL.
Arcade: 1,062,800
Former Arcade WR Holder

Steve Wiebe

From Washington State.
Arcade: 1,064,500
Former Arcade WR Holder

Vincent Lemay

24 Years Old, From Quebec, Canada.
Arcade: 1,135,900

Jeff Willms

Kong Off 2 and Kong Off 3 champion.
Arcade: 1,105,400
MAME: 1,107,600

Dean Saglio

38 Years Old, From Westerley, Rhode Island.
Arcade: 1,100,200
MAME: 1,206,800
Current MAME WR Holder

Steve Wiltshire

36 Years Old, From Lincoln, NE.
Arcade: 1,100,700

Wes Copeland

24 Years Old, From Little Rock, AR.
Arcade: 1,035,200
MAME: 1,121,600

Mike Groesbeck

36 Years Old, From Detroit, MI.
Arcade: 1,076,000

Jeff Wolfe

49 Years Old, From Calhan, CO.
Arcade: 1,103,700

Ethan Daniels

31 Years Old, From Allentown, PA.
Arcade: 1,049,100